Wolcott Voter Guide

by Christopher O'Brien

Wolcott voters will have an opportunity to approve or reject a question on the ballot this Tuesday. A piece of property on Nichols Road is being offered for $325,000. The property is already surrounded by town land at the BAW ball fields and the lower pavilion area of Woodtick Recreation Area.

Voting will take place from 6 am until 8 pm. As long as you are in line at 8 pm, you will be permitted to vote.

Voters are reminded that State Law prohibits any campaigning or visible campaign material – including clothing – inside a polling station or within 75 of the entrance. Try to respect fellow voters’s difficult considerations by refraining from wearing such clothing, even if it contains only a slogan that refers to a candidate. Voter are allowed to bring in notecards or pieces of paper for their voting reference. Photographing your ballot is allowed in Connecticut. Of course all of these rules assume there is no disruptions and moderators have some discretion enforcing them. While issues can usually be worked out at the polling place, others can be referred to the Secretary Of State’s office

Wolcott voters will select which 14 candidates will represent them for national and state offices on Tuesday. As voters move from local elections to President, their options tend to get larger this year. Only one candidate is running for State Representative, while four candidates can be found running for US Senate and electors for President and Vice President. Not listed on the ballot are over 20 write- in candidates for President and 2 for US Senate.

Wolcott’s Sample Ballot can be found HERE: wolcott2016ballot

Are you registered to vote? Be sure to avoid any hassles by checking on the Secretary of State’s voter lookup page. This will also give you your voting location and which party you are affiliated with. District 1 votes at Tyrrell School’s gym, District 2 at Wolcott High School’s gym, and District 3 at Wakelee School’s gym. Park in the back at Wakelee.

Not Registered yet? Connecticut has same-day voter registration. New residents or others who missed the deadline can do this at Town Hall between 6 am and 8 pm. Bring proof of residency and ID with you. You can contact the Registrar’s of Voters (or in their absence, the Town Clerk) at 203-879-8100 for more information.

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