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October 28th, 2012

Help Us Track Outages, Other Storm-related Issues Here

by Christopher O'Brien

The Wolcott Whisper, along with a number of state and local websites throughout Connecticut, is partnering with SeeClickFix to track storm related problems during Hurricane Sandy. This project will assist local, state, and utility officials to see where to direct resources. Remember though, that 911 should be called in any emergency situation.

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May 29th, 2012

Severe Weather Expected Today

by Christopher O'Brien

Good Afternoon!

Today’s oppressive humidity is expected to be relieved later this evening, but not before strong and potentially violent thunderstorms move through the area. As of 1:50, Western Massachusetts, and all of Vermont and northern NY State was under a tornado watch area as storms make their way out of Canada and eastward from Central Pennsylvania. At 1:45, a tornado warning was already posted in an area of the Eastern Adirondack mountains.

Fox 61 Meteorologist Geoff Fox isn’t expecting that kind of threat to reach Connecticut, and the National Weather Service is only expecting strong thunderstorms for the Greater Wolcott area today. Yet, these storms can still border on the severe level with heavy downpours, hail and winds.

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November 3rd, 2011

Website Connects Storm Cleanup Services With Customers

by LonSeidman

A new website called is giving East Coast residents the ability to quickly name their price and connect with cleanup services after Hurricane Irene. Contractors can also list their information to link up with those needing your services. Anyone who needs tree and cut up work, can place their request

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October 31st, 2011

Showers Available at Tyrrell

by LonSeidman

The Town has opened Tyrrell School to be used by residents for showering and charging cell phones, computers and other electronic gadgets essential for communication. Residents may use the facility between 7 am and 10 pm. Officials anticipate keeping the school open until power is restored. As of Monday evening, 53% of town is still in the dark.

This facility is in addition to the storm shelter at the Senior Center which is open 24 hours a day. Food is available there during the day. A limited number of cots are also available on site and there are quiet rooms for watching TV or reading in.

Power outages are predominantly in the Woodtick and south areas of town, with other outages in the extreme north end. Residents scattered across town also have more isolated outages.

October 30th, 2011

Storm Leaves Tangled Mess; Residents Urged to Stay Home

by LonSeidman

Lou DeLage stepped outside to survey the damage to his home this morning to find a twisted mailbox and three thirty feet long limbs with the diameter of a leg across his yard. He began taking pictures when large balls of snow and ice rained down from trees above him. “That was caused by the plow first,” he says, pointing to the mailbox. “Then the branches came down.” He didn’t hear them, but his daughter did around 10 pm last night as a historic storm dumped 15 to 20 inches of wet heavy snow across Wolcott in an unusually early nor’easter. “But hey – I still have power, water, and no damage to my home. I’m lucky,” he said.

Not so lucky are residents of the Woodtick section of Wolcott,

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October 29th, 2011

Storm Closes I-84; Knocks Down Trees; Tests Town and State

by LonSeidman

An early season snow storm is testing Wolcott and the rest of the state today and into the overnight hours. The storm was expected to arrive late this afternoon, however caught motorists in many cases in their tracks with golf sized snowflakes falling around noon.

Two factors are contributing to the unusually large number of problems in today’s storm. First, the leaves have yet to fall off the trees yet, thereby collecting wet snow and weighing down limbs. “The wet ground, with heavy wet snow on the trees is causing a hazard. Stay off the road, because we don’t want anyone caught under a tree,” cautions Mayor Dunn.

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August 25th, 2011

Biggest Hurricane Threat to Connecticut in 2 Decades

by LonSeidman

Biggest Hurricane Threat to Connecticut in 2 Decades.

August 17th, 2011

Indiana State Fair’s Wild Winds

by LonSeidman

By Rachel Frank
Fox 61 Meteorologist

Everyone is talking about the mysterious wind that “came out of nowhere” during the Indiana State Fair stage collapse. But the wind didn’t come out of nowhere. It was associated with a gust front! And we get them right here in Connecticut! Here is a radar image taken at 8:35 pm. The stage collapse happened about 20 mins later.

The fair grounds are circled just south of Rocky Ripple. Notice the storms are still over 20 miles away from the fair at this point. But there is a line of light blue ahead of the storms (noted by arrows). To an untrained… continue Reading at Meteorologist Rachel Frank’s blog…