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July 30th, 2012

Republican Congressional Candidates Face Off In Debates

by Christopher O'Brien

While the public takes a break from politics to enjoy the international competition in London, the final debates for Republican candidates vying to represent Wolcott in US Congress will be held this week. An August 14th primary will narrow the field down to one nominee. Democrats will also vote the same day choosing from three candidates.

Tonight, at Brookfield High School, four Republicans will debate the issues beginning at 6:30 pm. The school is on Long Meadow Hill Rd. A second debate this week will take place in Newtown at the Edmund Town Hall on Main st. on Thursday. That debate will be at 7 pm.

Candidates participating include former Naval intelligence officer Justin Bernier, local developer Mark Greenberg, Apple Rehab owner Lisa Wilson-Foley and current State Senator Andrew Roraback.

Each candidate thus far has either already been running ads or will be starting next week. In 2010, the Republican nomination was fiercely contested with the three contendors then coming within just three percentage points of each other.

June 6th, 2012

Council Approves Tax Hike; Increased Expenditures

by Christopher O'Brien

By Chris O’Brien
The Town Council approved an 11.4% tax increase on Tuesday night. The mill rate rose from 22.68 to 25.27 and tax bills will be mailed to taxpayers in early July. Declining overall property values, a recent revaluation and a 2.74% increase in Education expenditures all contributed to the tax hike. “We didn’t take this lightly,” Council Chairman Dave Valletta told the audience just before the vote was taken.

Six separate votes were taken for separate components

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November 14th, 2011

Marsella Wins Recount, Council Seats Wednesday

by Christopher O'Brien

First term Councilman Charles Marsella won a recount against fellow Democratic candidate David Gentile for a seat on the Town Council. The recount for the First District seat was held Saturday morning and Marsella garnered 1600 votes to Gentile’s 1592. There was a two vote difference between the recount and the original numbers during the election.

This finalizes the slate of members that will be seated at Council’s organizational meeting Wednesday evening at Town Hall. Mayor Dunn will be sworn in for his fifth term as mayor and the Council will then be seated at 7 pm, in accordance with the Town Charter.

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November 9th, 2011

Republicans Pledge To Work With Mayor; Landslide Against Dems; Turnout Low

by Christopher O'Brien

**Updated Thursday 8:30 am**
The VFW hall was filled with celebration as Republicans arrived from their Wolcott Rd. headquarters, learning what the next two years would bring. Across town at the East Street eatery, the mood was more somber as Democrats questioned what happened. For the first time in many years, long serving Democrats were ushered from office and replaced by a cadre of newcomesrs who pledged to work closely with Mayor Dunn. It is also the first time the Council has had a six member majority in at least a decade.

Dunn beat Democratic challenger Steven Olmstead 4180- 803.

The newly formed Town Council will be seated next Wednesday and have an entirely new dynamic. For the past two years, Council headed by four member minority Democrats Michael Santogatta and Steven Olmstead will see neither of the leaders. Fellow Democrat Michael Perrone lost re-election in a Row C gamble and even the fate of Charles Marsella hangs in the balance with a recount.

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November 7th, 2011

Republican Board of Education Candidates

by LonSeidman

Twelve candidates are on the ballot for Board of Education in Wolcott, six from each political party. There are no Row C candidates this year. While the Board will have nine members, votes may only choose six (6). They can be chosen from any of the candidates, even if you vote for a candidate that is in the same column as another choice.

Republicans currently hold control of the Board of Education with a 5-4 majority. All of the current officeholders are running again with the addition of retired Kindergarten teacher Roberta Leonard. Below you can see why Republicans would like you to return them to office.

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November 6th, 2011

2011 Election Ballot

by LonSeidman

There are fifty two candidates running for seven offices this year. For some offices, you vote for two candidates, others three or six. (And more than that actually win, but that’ll confuse your job on Tuesday). You’ve seen the signs. Now here you can see where they are on the ballot.

Remember that in the last two elections, many offices have been decided by 7, 20, and 42 votes. As of this writing, not a single one has been counted. Our soldiers fought for this right – so do your research, and make sure you participate!

There are TWO sides to the ballot. Don’t forget to look at both!

2011 Ballot – Front Side

2011 Ballot – Back Side

November 6th, 2011

Democrats Running for Town Council

by LonSeidman

Here are the candidate profiles submitted to the Whipser from Democratic candidates for the Town Council. The Whisper asked 4 questions of the candidates and profiles will be added as they are received.

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November 4th, 2011

2011 Election Guide

by LonSeidman

Welcome to our coverage of this year’s election.

On Tuesday, we will have a bi-annual ritual of picking our local leaders to serve and lead our town. I’ve been fortunate to get to know many of these candidates, although some I am still unfamiliar with. But, like you, I will have to make my best judgement of whom I believe will best listen to the town’s needs, my neighbor’s needs, and even my needs.

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Here are our election articles organized by office:

1. Want to glance at theballot before going to the polling place? Don’t forget there are two sides
2011 Ballot – Front Side; 2011 Ballot – Back Side

2. Board of Assessment Appeals: You may select any two candidates. Joseph Santopietro is running on Row C. View his profile here. Republican candidates June vitiello and Adam Glasser profiles are here

3. Board of Education: You may select any six candidates. They may be in the same column or row, including above each other. Nine will be seated to the board.

4. Town Council: Wolcott has an unusual at -large voting method. You may vote for two candidates in EACH of the three voting districts – including the two you don’t live in. This year, there are six candidates running in each voting district. You may choose candidates that are above or below each other in the same column as well as in any row.

Row C

5. There’s a race for Town Treasurer this year pitting two longtime politicians.

6. The race for mayor will conclude between Democrat challenger Steve Olmstead and petitioning Mayor Tom Dunn.

7. Candidate Michael Perrone issues a challenge to the town to vote.

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December 8th, 2010

Wisler Fills Council Vacancy

by LonSeidman

Longtime local volunteer Rachel Wisler was accepted as the newest member of the Wolcott Town Council Tuesday evening. Wisler has been an active member in the Junior Women’s Club and also runs a business in town with her husband, Rene. She will represent the 2nd District after the seat became vacant when Randy Petroniro suddenly resigned a few weeks ago. Because Petroniro

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November 3rd, 2009

2009 Election Guide

by LonSeidman

NOTE: These articles have been compiled by one person and while we attempt to be as balanced as possible (except on occasion we’ll note our opinion), it is possible we may miss a piece of the story or make an error. If you find any, PLEASE contact the Whisper as soon as you see it. We will make every attempt to correct it in a timely manner. Also, if you can contribute to the discussion in your own words, feel free to add a comment! Contact:; (203) 558-5817

It’s down to the wire, and 60 candidates are overwhelming you and asking you for their vote. Your newspaper boxes and mailboxes are being filled, and you might be wondering: Who are these people? What are they running for? And how do I decide?

We here at the Whisper are committed to giving you as much information as possible about the races within town. Below are some lists and links and analysis on the various races to help give you insight. Most links are to other articles within the blog. Just click on “The Wolcott Whisper” at the top of the page to return to the main page. Also, feel free to click on “Add a Comment” to leave messages for discussion.

1. For a list of candidates and a description of the jobs they are running for, click here for the list of candidates by office.

2. The October edition of the Wolcott Community News has biographies of most of the candidates, as does the Waterbury Republican- American. Those biographies can be viewed at at Articles for the candidates appeared between October 19th and 23rd.

3. The Junior Women’s Club of Wolcott held a Meet The Candidates. forum last Wednesday. This was aired on Channel 96 on Saturday. Each candidate had two minutes to speak.

4. There are four groups of people running this year on three ballot lines. See who’s running with who, and who’s on their own.

5. The Tax Collector’s Race is heating up: analysis, including a reply by Ms. McQueen.

6. Did some Town Council members propose cutting Senior Citizen Bus Service? Read about the alternate budget proposal from June 2

7. There’s some confusing language in an ad on page 40 of October’s Wolcott Community News about a tax cut. What’s this about? Reintroduce a Tax Rate Reduction.

8. Charter Revision has prompted a large number of questions from residents asking: what is it? Here’s you question and answers. here for the Q & A as well as some of the proposals various candidates have to revise the Charter. (coming soon!)

9. The Board of Education recently approved an administrators’ contract for school principals recently. While not covering the candidates, it is recent news that highlights one of the most important roles of the Board of Education.

Wolcott could probably get an award for the most confusing ballot in the state. When you vote, be aware that there are TWO sides to the ballot! Also, most positions allow you to vote for more than one candidate. You can vote for that designated number of candidates no matter how the two or three or six names fall on the ballot. For instance, if you wanted to vote for a Republican, Independent, and Democrat in for an office whose names appear above and below each other, you can do so. If you have any questions, sample ballots are available at Town Hall in the Town Clerk’s office. Also, candidates and election moderators will be happy to help explain the process to you.

Do you have any questions or issues you would like us to help explain? Let us know! We’ll try our best to explain issues you have heard about.