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If you have a news idea, we want to know about it!

In particular we are looking for anything that may be of interest to the residents of Wolcott:

– Unfolding Events
– Town and State Government
– School News
– Youth and School Sports
– Fundraisers
– Club and Organization Activities
– Business openings and closings
– Intersting People
– Military Homecomings
– Accomplishments and human interest stories

Offbeat and interesting literature or diversions such as restaurant profiles, band reviews, or weekend activities are also welcome. Press Releases are always accepted.

We encourage letters on topics relevant to Wolcott or any topic our readers might be interested in. Please keep letters under 1,000 words. Letters will be published that are in good taste, generally well written, and informative. The publisher has the right to refuse to print any letter, particularly those that are profane, slanderous or libelous, and generally in poor taste.

Letters and comments of differing political beliefs are encouraged, especially if they are constructive to a healthy debate or relevant to the news of the day.

Readers love photos, and so do we! Feel free to contribute photos from an event with a short summary of the event or picture. We’ll try to include it.

To contribute:

Chris O’Brien
(203) 558-5817

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