SeeClickFix & the Whisper

Help us look out for you and your neighborhood with SeeClickFix.

It works like this:

You “see” a non-emergency problem, such as a pothole, graffiti, constant speeding, litter, or a broken light fixture.

You visit the Whisper here and “click” to open a ticket describing the issue and what can be done to resolve it.

Once you post your report, email notifications go out to the watchers monitoring the town, and thus your report and the resulting public dialogue from neighbors and town officials hopefully will result in a “fix” for the problem.

You can comment on an issue or just chime in on other peoples’ reports to say, “I want this fixed too!”

The Whisper will do its part by helping you hold local officials accountable where necessary and also by patting those same officials and others on the back for getting the job done.

But SeeClickFix and the Whisper are not just here to hound public officials. This project also is a resource to help you get involved in improving your community.

Most of all, this is an opportunity for the Whisper to report good news. We hope to prove to all the cynics out there that good things do happen every day. You can help us out by continuing to contribute in a positive way or by figuring out how to get started doing so.

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