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November 2nd, 2013

“Like” The Whisper, Advertising Available

by Christopher O'Brien

We’ve introduced two new changes to the Wolcott Whisper. First, please “Like” us on Facebook! This helps you keep up to date on news around Wolcott. The “Like” button is on the sidebar on your right.

In addition, you can receive e-mail updates with our newest articles by subscribing to the Whisper. Many residents find us helpful during snowstorms and other local emergencies. The “Subscribe” button is at the top right of the main page.

Finally, we have introduced advertising rates for the Whisper. Support local news and information! Contact us anytime with questions or interest. or call (203) 558-5817 and ask for Chris.


January 28th, 2013

Sex in the Suburbs

by Christopher O'Brien

Suburban Adventure Blog, a part of the Independent Media Network

I got passion in my pants and Im not afraid to show it….Im sexy and I know it.”   LMFAO

This song that was playing in my kitchen as I made my way downstairs this morning.  My Bose radio is set to WKTU- thanks to Giavanna-  We love music in our house, so there there is frequently some variety playing in the background.  I try to turn the channel every time I hear words that are clearly suggestive of sex but it is a great challenge. The word sexy is thrown around everywhere today. Giavanna is only nine years old and sort of understands the meaning of the word. Im not a prude it’s just that it seems to me that the bombardment of sexuality in our culture is a little too much for everyone.

I took Christopher to a PG movie last month  and almost all the previews were close ups of some sexual encounter as are most commercials. Our children hardly…

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