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February 5th, 2013

Town Hall Meeting With Legislators Thursday

by Christopher O'Brien
Rep. Rob Sampson

Rep. Rob Sampson

By Chris O’Brien – Wolcott Whisper State Representative Rob Sampson and State Senator Joe Markley will be holding a Town Hall forum Thursday evening from 6:30-7:30. The meeting is being held one month into this year’s legislative session and one day after Governor Malloy is expected to give his proposal to a two year state budget on Wednesday.Sampson has introduced 30 bills for this legislative session. Many of these deal with criminal penalties for using a gun in certain crimes. He has also tackled many fiscal issues, calling for a state spending cap, ensuring tax refunds can be given with checks instead of debit cards, and repealing the state’s real estate conveyance tax.

Sen. Joe Markley

Sen. Joe Markley

Last year, Gov. Malloy enacted the largest tax increase in state history. Yet, while the tax increase was passed in April, the tax was applied retroactively to January 1st, creating some Cosntitutional problems. Sen. Markley investigated whether or not this practice was legal, and foudn out that it was. Both legislators have introduced a proposal that would prohibit the practice in the future.

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December 19th, 2012

After Massacre, Sen. Looney Vows Gun Control Fight

by Christopher O'Brien

Paul Bass | New Haven Independent

As the horrific details of the school shooting rampage in Newtown continued trickling out Saturday, New Haven state Sen. Marty Looney promised a push to strengthen Connecticut’s gun-control laws. Looney (pictured) made that vow in an interview as New Haveners came downtown for a 6 p.m. vigil on the Green on behalf of the 26 students and adults massacred at Sandy Hook elementary school by a gunman who then killed himself.

The shooting provoked a national outpouring of grief—and an immediate call for a resumption of efforts by gun control proponents to take on the NRA and pass tighter legislation. Looney, a Democrat who’s now the Senate majority leader, cosponsored Connecticut’s assault-weapons ban (with a Republican, then-state Sen. Bill Aniskovich of Branford). The ban passed into law in 1993.

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July 14th, 2009

General Assembly To Hold Veto Override Session

by LonSeidman

Governor Rell vetoed a total of 19 bills this legislative session, and the Legislature will meet Monday, July 20th to see if they can override eight of these, according to sources at the Capitol.

Amongst these bills include some high profile proposals to repeal the Death Penalty , require the posting of nutritional information at restaurants, and killing the Chestnut Hill energy project in downtown Waterbury. It also includes the proposed Democratic budget which passed the House 91-48 and the Senate 25-11.

It is unclear which bills will be up for debate on Monday for attempted veto overrides, but in order to do so the Constitution requres that 2/3 of the House and 2/3 of the Senate vote in favor of a measure to succeed. That would require 101 votes in the House and 24 in the Senate. If every Democrat votes in favor of the measures, they could easily pass the measures in question, but keeping such a consensus has been difficult, particularly on fiscal matters and the abolition of the death penalty. If one Senator breaks ranks and all Republicans hold opposition, then the measures die. In the House, the Democrats number 114 and there are 37 Republicans.

The Death Penalty bill is unlikely to come up because it received fewer than 100 passing votes, and it only passed 19-17 in the Senate. The proposal blocking the Chestnut Hill project and an ash plant in the town of Franklin is also unlikely to come up because Chestnut Hill already announced they will voluntarily withdraw their proposal to build a food disposal and energy plant in Waterbury’s Brooklyn section near Rt. 8.

Bills likely to come up include the Sustinet health care bill which was vetoed partly because its cost is enormous. Gov. Rell also said that this state effort was redundant of the national health care debate. The House of Representatives in Washington DC plans to begin debate on a national healthcare bill this week.

Negotiations to solve the State’s budget deficit are ongoing and it is still unclear when a vote will come up for that, but one can presume it won’t be Monday.

Wolcott’s Representative is John “Corky” Mazurek. Sam Caligiuri represents Wolcott in the Senate.