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January 29th, 2013

The World of Non-Dating; A Review of ‘The Gaggle’

by Christopher O'Brien

By Alles Jayne

The GaggleThe Gaggle: How the Men You Know Will Help You Find the Love You Want, a self-help book on dating, relationships, and love by Jessica Massa, casts off traditional dating myths and lore by offering a guide on how to view and inhabit what Massa calls the “Post-Dating World”: (n.). “A new romantic landscape developed in reaction to the strict rules, terrifying divorce rates, and non-irrelevant benchmarks of traditional dating culture; characterized by a generational embrace of ambiguous interpersonal connections and the rise of non-dates, techno-romance, and the gaggle.”


The journey to The Gaggle began with a night of despairing over relationships past. As they commiserated about life and love, best friends Massa and Rebecca Weigand discovered that their ideas about how much they were or weren’t dating and how the guys they did date never seemed to be the right “fit” were due to outdated perspectives.’

Massa went on a nationwide trip,….

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