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November 7th, 2013

Obamacare and Broken Promises

by Christopher O'Brien

flagsliderBy State Rep. Rob Sampson

Rep. Rob Sampson

When the subject of politics comes up, there are a few common phrases you are bound to hear.   Some will say their party is always correct and others will say that none of our elected officials even have a clue.  Some will say that they are tired of the partisanship and their elected officials voting along party lines while others will say that both parties are the same anyway.  I am going to save that topic for a future column but today I want to concentrate on another comment you often hear, and that is that “all politicians are crooks.”

Well, I think that it’s safe to say, at least for my own sake, that not ALL politicians are crooks.

Rep. Rob Sampson

Rep. Rob Sampson

My goal has always been to do my job as our State Representative to the best of my ability.  To me, that means understanding and respecting my role as it was intended, to be a citizen legislator who honors the office, respects his oath and remembers who he works for.  That would be you, the people I represent within Connecticut’s 80th Assembly District.   I won’t say it’s an easy job but I won’t complain either.  One thing that I am certain has made it easier for me than some others is that I know who I am and what I believe.   I ran for office for a specific purpose.  I didn’t like the direction our state was headed and I felt that it was my duty to get involved and try to change things.

It certainly is true that many good people shy away from politics.  The question is why.   Maybe it’s the perception that many politicians are involved for their own personal gain or that they will soon forget where they came from if they ever knew at all.   Or maybe they just don’t want to be associated with those in the business of broken promises.

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