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October 30th, 2013

Town Treasurer- Three Quality Candidates in Open Race

by Christopher O'Brien

clipArt_moneySymbolRoger Levesque will be retiring as Town Treasurer this year. As we result, three respected men have thrown their hats into the ring for the position. In our view, each one is qualified in their own right. For a change, its nice to have such a tough decision between candidates that are well known and have good qualifications. It will be up to voters to decide who has the best ideas or qualifications for the office.

Profiles appear as they are listed on the ballot: Anthony Marino (R), David Gentile (D) and George Phelan (PC).

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June 2nd, 2009

Democrats Propose Alternative Budget

by LonSeidman

Wolcott’s Town Council approved a budget Tuesday night, but not without Democrats offering an alternative proposal.

The Board of Education’s proposed $31,470,976 budget which includes a $191,000 increase (0.61%) emerged unscathed and neither Republicans nor Democrats had much comment on it. Instead, Mayor Dunn’s $17,512,688.37 proposal became the focus of discussion even though it is already 6.0% ($1,115,854.55) lower than this year. Even with the overall expenditures reduced, the budget still faced an approximate $100,000 gap because of falling revenue. Wolcott will be receiving less money in State paving, plowing and other grants because of the State budget crisis. In addition, the Town’s grand list has remained stable and some tax payers are finding it difficult to pay their due.

Democrat David Gentile proposed an amended budget which would keep the Education budget the same, but reduce the Mayor’s town budget by $73,571. Their proposal includes a 0.01 mill decrease. They accomplished this by adding $100,000 into the expected back property taxes (to $750,000) and estimating a 98.33% collection rate. Below are the proposed budget reductions by the Democrats:

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