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January 11th, 2013

Rep. Sampson Calls for Death Penalty

by Christopher O'Brien

By Chris O’Brien
Hayes and Komisarjevsky | CT State Police Wolcott State Representative Rob Sampson (R-80th) has submitted a bill to reinstate Connecticut’s death penalty law during the 2013 legislative session.
“Its the proper penalty for the types of heinous crimes that unfortunately sometimes happen in our society,” Sampson tells the Whisper.
The penalty – which was previously abolished in 2012 for any prospective crimes – was abolished at the urging of Governor Malloy. The legislature wrote the current law so that only those gound guilty prior to the repeal would be subject to the penalty. Past convictions – at least in theory – can still be carried out.

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August 8th, 2012

Risk Reduction Law Increases Risks to Public Safety

by Christopher O'Brien

Rep. Rob Sampson

Crime has been on the forefront of people’s minds and in the news headlines lately due to many violent shootings and deaths in some of Connecticut’s largest cities this summer.

Since the legislative session ended in May, I have been able to meet with many folks in the district and one of the big issues that continues to be brought up is the decision to repeal the death penalty.

Who can forget this past April when Governor Malloy and the majority in the legislature pushed to repeal Connecticut’s death penalty instead of addressing its flaws to make it a workable law? Under the repeal law no one convicted of capital felony murder would be executed prospectively except for those 11 men currently on death row.

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