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November 24th, 2013

Rash of Late Night Fires Considered Suspicious

by Christopher O'Brien

By Megan Merigan | NBC Connecticut

Residents are urged to be extra vigiliant as dozens of  late night brush fires have been set along town roads over the last few months.

Wolcott Police and the town’s Fire Marshal are  investigating the cause of nearly 25 suspicious roadside fires, which have been growing in frequency since April.

Of the 25 roadside brush fires that have occurred in town since April 27, Wolcott’s police and fire departments consider the majority of them to be suspicious, according to Police Chief Edward Stephens.

“It’s not just thunder or lightening,” Stephens said.  “Something’s going on here.”

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November 6th, 2013

2013 Election Results

by Christopher O'Brien
Wolcott High was jammed with voters at 6 pm Tuesday

Wolcott High was jammed with voters at 6 pm Tuesday

About 48.5% of registered voters showed up to the polls Tuesday according to data released by the Town Clerk on Wednesday. That’s about four points higher than the average for the past four municipal elections. An aggressive campaign by Democratic candidate Michael Gugliotti against five term uncumbent Tom Dunn likely fueled added interest in the race this year. In contrast, only 35% of voters showed up to vote in 2005 when Dunn ran unopposed but other local seats were up for grabs.

2013 Town Election Results

For the first time in several years, no candidate came close enough to force a recount.

Out of the 5,429 voters who turned out for the election, five candidates recieved over 3,000 votes: Mayor Dunn, Third District Councilor Roger Picard, Board of Education member Roberta Leonard, Constable Paul Gallucci, and Town Clerk Debbie Slater, who was uncontested. Dunn received 4,155 votes.

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July 30th, 2012

Emergency Alert Notification Changes; Cell Users Need to Re-Up

by Christopher O'Brien

The Town of Wolcott and The Wolcott Police Department have implemented the Connecticut Alert Emergency Notification System (CT Alert ENS), an emergency incident notification system. This system has taken the place of the CodeRED system that had previously been in place. This notification system will provide a town wide reverse 911 and “Opt-In” program for our citizens. This system will enhance the Police Department’s ability to protect lives and property by providing critical information to citizens during potential life threatening emergencies such as severe weather, fires, floods, unexpected road closures or evacuation of buildings or neighborhoods.

Residents with cell phones or who want to be notified by text message can sign up HERE.

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June 14th, 2012

Volunteers Save North End Home

by Christopher O'Brien

by Chris O’Brien
A North End resident is thankful he took that breath of fresh air Wednesday night.

Francis Burby, a cook at Illusions Cafe stepped outside a back door to take a break on the foggy night, and noticed something odd near his house which sits adjacent to the club’s parking lot. “I looked over and thought I saw smoke coming from near the side vent of the house.” Concerned someone might be trespassing from one of the neighboring bars, he and a co-worker went over to investigate, and called 911.

Wolcott firefighters received the call at 10:52 pm.

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November 3rd, 2011

Fire, CO Dangers High With Restoration

by LonSeidman

Over 180 Connecticut residents were treated for Carbon Monoxide poisoning statewide as of Wednesday night, Governor Malloy told a press conference. As residents increasingly are using generators, and some ventilation systems fail, emergency responders are being summoned to prevent death from a quiet winter killer.

Symptoms of Carbon monoxide are vague and mimic the flu. They often include headache and nausea. Extreme cases can include disorientation and lethargy as carbon monoxide replaces oxygen in a victim’s blood circulatory system. The brain and other organs cannot use carbon monoxide, starve, then slowly die. Fresh air and emergency treatment are imparative for anyone suffereing these symptoms.

As electricity is restored to neighborhoods,

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November 1st, 2011

Power Restored to North End

by LonSeidman

At about 10:15 pm tonight, power has been restored to much of the North End of Wolcott.

For those without power restored, be sure to make sure appliances such as stoves and toaster ovens are not on. If power comes on when the home is unnoccupied, a fire could start. Also, Carbon Monoxide calls have been received all over the state and have resulted in 2 deaths thus far. Be sure that generators are properly ventilated, preferably outside. In one instance, the muffler of a generator was shaken off the unit and resulted in killing the occupants of one home.

Here in Wolcott, Fire Chief Kyle Dunn reports no carbon monoxide incidents in town so far, although they did investigate one call for a CO concern.