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January 8th, 2013

The Newtown Microscope

by Christopher O'Brien

From time to time, small communities across our state and country experience profound tragedy.

Whether it be the bell factory fire in East Hampton, hurricane damage in Milford, East Haven and Fairfield, murders and domestic disputes in South Windsor, chronic violence in Bridgeport and Hartford schools, or children killed in car accidents in Bristol and inumerous other towns, the wounds run deep for all communities. Scars remain for years and affect the development of those living in the community for a generation.

Five years ago Wolcott lost three of our own teens in a preventable accident on East Street. The accident was caused by a dangerous weapon at the hands of an inexperienced 17 year old driver who had a history of leaving hulking pieces of metal in his wake. After news of the tragedy spread, classes were cancelled, forums held and the town comforted our children. We held them close. We held vigils. Candles and photos lined East Street. Counselors were summoned. The media descended.

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