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November 7th, 2013

Obamacare and Broken Promises

by Christopher O'Brien

flagsliderBy State Rep. Rob Sampson

Rep. Rob Sampson

When the subject of politics comes up, there are a few common phrases you are bound to hear.   Some will say their party is always correct and others will say that none of our elected officials even have a clue.  Some will say that they are tired of the partisanship and their elected officials voting along party lines while others will say that both parties are the same anyway.  I am going to save that topic for a future column but today I want to concentrate on another comment you often hear, and that is that “all politicians are crooks.”

Well, I think that it’s safe to say, at least for my own sake, that not ALL politicians are crooks.

Rep. Rob Sampson

Rep. Rob Sampson

My goal has always been to do my job as our State Representative to the best of my ability.  To me, that means understanding and respecting my role as it was intended, to be a citizen legislator who honors the office, respects his oath and remembers who he works for.  That would be you, the people I represent within Connecticut’s 80th Assembly District.   I won’t say it’s an easy job but I won’t complain either.  One thing that I am certain has made it easier for me than some others is that I know who I am and what I believe.   I ran for office for a specific purpose.  I didn’t like the direction our state was headed and I felt that it was my duty to get involved and try to change things.

It certainly is true that many good people shy away from politics.  The question is why.   Maybe it’s the perception that many politicians are involved for their own personal gain or that they will soon forget where they came from if they ever knew at all.   Or maybe they just don’t want to be associated with those in the business of broken promises.

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November 28th, 2012

State’s Insurance Exchange Seeks Input Thursday Night

by Christopher O'Brien

Connecticut’s proposal to have insurance coverage for all residents will have a hearing at Waterbury’s City Hall Thursday night. The forum will be from 5:30-7:00.

The Insurance Exchange will be required to cover each of about a dozen required coverage areas, with regulations within each of these. Any member of the public can pose questions to the panel or give their opinion.

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August 13th, 2012

Lisa Wilson- Foley

by Christopher O'Brien


Lisa Wilson – Foley is certainly one of the most enthusiastic candidates during this year’s race, and it is no wonder that this successful businesswoman and mother of seven is stepping outside of her comfort zone to run for US Congress. Having started a physical therapy business at age 29, she also owns and operates a variety of family friendly businesses in the north Farmington Valley. These include a bowling alley, ice cream shoppe and golf course. Earlier this year, she opened a pharmacy to supply her family’s rehabilitation businesses.

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July 30th, 2012

Republican Congressional Candidates Face Off In Debates

by Christopher O'Brien

While the public takes a break from politics to enjoy the international competition in London, the final debates for Republican candidates vying to represent Wolcott in US Congress will be held this week. An August 14th primary will narrow the field down to one nominee. Democrats will also vote the same day choosing from three candidates.

Tonight, at Brookfield High School, four Republicans will debate the issues beginning at 6:30 pm. The school is on Long Meadow Hill Rd. A second debate this week will take place in Newtown at the Edmund Town Hall on Main st. on Thursday. That debate will be at 7 pm.

Candidates participating include former Naval intelligence officer Justin Bernier, local developer Mark Greenberg, Apple Rehab owner Lisa Wilson-Foley and current State Senator Andrew Roraback.

Each candidate thus far has either already been running ads or will be starting next week. In 2010, the Republican nomination was fiercely contested with the three contendors then coming within just three percentage points of each other.

June 12th, 2012

Will Hospital Merger Limit Emergency Care?

by Christopher O'Brien

By Dan Lovallo

As plans move forward for the merger of St. Mary’s and Waterbury hospitals, under the umbrella of the LHP Hospital group, a new report claims, if the merger is allowed, it could lead to job loss and limit the number of people  treated at the emergency room.  The study was written by Dr. Fred Hyde, a clinical professor of health policy and management at Columbia University and former CEO of Windham Hospital in Willimantic.  He is also part of Fred Hyde & Associates of Ridgefield, CT.   The study was paid in part by the Universal Health Care Foundation of Connecticut.

But leaders of both hospitals labeled the study “one man’s opinion,” and claimed the concerns raised have already been addressed.

What’s your opinion?

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August 13th, 2009

AARP: What’s Their Stance?

by LonSeidman

Last night (Wednesday) the CBS Evening News presented a fact vs. fiction segment on the healthcare debate. They examined the three draft bills that have passed House Congressional committees to see if abortion would be federally funded, if the debt would increase, etc. The answers to me were surpising and quite balanced. Actually, some of the answers were unclear baased on the bills passed, but the viewe could tell that there was a possibility that the concerns addressed could be true.

Finally, the CBS news reported how Barrack Obama noted that healthcare reform had been endorsed by AARP. They noted that AARP apparently has officially taken “no stand” on healthcare reform.

I found this surprising since there is YouTube video of a AARP town hall forum – which was abuptly cut off after attendees questioned the potential changes. Oh well, maybe they decided to change their stance from endorsing it to not because of the backlash. Fair enough.

In fact, their media director told Fox News that their “Listening Tour” forums will continue across the country and they “want to hear dissent”.

Then I turned on the TV this morning. An ad caught my attention – mainly because it had an ambulance driving down the street with cars cutting it off and performing maneuvers in front of it. Gosh… the scene is actually very realistic! In fact, quite accurate!! (at last, my job has been accurately portrayed on TV!!)

The ad continued explaining that the ambulance has some place to go – your emergency destination at a hospital. But the health insurance companies – the cars – re getting in the way. Cars cut in front of it, back in front of it, cut it off, tailgate closely, weave almost striking the sides of the ambulance… anything they can do to cut off the ambulance with its siren screaming.

Guess who sponsored the ad? Yep. AARP.