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November 5th, 2013

Endorsement: Mayor Thomas G. Dunn

by Christopher O'Brien
Thomas G. Dunn

Thomas G. Dunn

Editorial by Chris O’Brien

Its also been about ten years since I first met Tom Dunn when he first sought a seemingly long-shot bid to become Mayor in 2003. Back then, Michael DeNegris faced a challenge from Republican Eileen Watts. Both had experience being entrenched in the office of Mayor. Dunn’s style was much different than either of the major party’s nominees. When he greets you, there is often a slight timid pause. Meeting any of the Dunns tends to be this way – first an enthusiastic greeting, and then allowing the resident to speak first while they quietly listen. In many ways, his campaign style then – and today allowed plenty of time for voters to quietly make up their mind on whether they were comfortable with the homegrown smiling man sporting a scruffy red goatee.

And its clear that they were.

The results of that election was like an earthquake. Voters clearly voted for change from the status quo with Dunn receiving twice as many votes as both of his political party opponents. And they’ve kept him with overwhelming support in each election ever since.

Dunn’s style often is to present the facts and his case simply to his audience. He always comes with careful research, and never asserts much pressure..

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June 1st, 2010

Budget Passes Town Council

by LonSeidman

In one of the fastest budget sessions in recent years, the Wolcott Town Council passed the 2010-2011 annual fiscal budget. By all accounts, the Council held a productive two hour workshop last week which led to tonight’s conclusion. “Everyone worked really well together. Everyone reached a common goal that no one wanted to raise taxes. All 9 Council members had input and asked questions and gave suggestions. The result is a no mill increase through everyone’s hard work,” said Council Chairman Mike Santogatta.

“No party was in it for themselves and everyone was working for the towns people. I am very proud to have been part of it,” said First District Councilman Mike Bokon of the effort. “Me too” echoed Santogatta.

The net effect of the effort was a budget with a .01 mill decrease after the Council slashed the office supply budgets of many departments to the tune of $107,935.00 at their workshop last week. Also slashed was $50,000 in medical insurance, $35,393 in Registrars of Voters wages, $10,000 in police overtime, $13,000 in library repairs and $5,000 in library book purchases. The Mayor recommended an additional $54,227 in expenditures and $70,000 in revenue recommendations to further balance the budget. His cuts affected a variety of areas concentrating on public notices, a computer, parks improvements, conference and training dues, gasoline, fuel and other utilities. “Alot of thought went into all aspects of this,” says Municipal Finance Officer Linda Bruce. The budget passed 8-1. The various cuts likely will force departments to share more resources or come up with creative ways to do without. There was no dissent during the discussion in adopting the budget Tuesday night except for the subject of collecting back taxes.

The Council set high goals on the Tax Collector’s office.

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