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February 11th, 2013

Youth Jobs: Waterbury Needs Shovellers

by Christopher O'Brien

Waterbury Mayor Neil O’Leary is calling upon any youth at least 14 years old and older who wants to earn minimum wage on Tuesday. After 34 inches of snow fell on the Brass City, the City’s public works crews still haven’t had a chance to dig out the thirty-odd schools in town.

Any person interested should show up at City Hall at noon on Tuesday dressed warmly and with a shovel. City Hall is at 235 Grand St., downtown Waterbury. 203-574-6712

The notice was posted to the Waterbury Police Athletic League’s Facebook page and reposted on the Mayor’s Facebook page Monday evening.

February 10th, 2013

Have a Plow? Need a Plow?

by Christopher O'Brien

After an unprecedented amount of snow fell in town – three feet at minimum with drifts in many areas of town – plowers are raking in the dough after a year long snow drought. Demand is high, but the need is also high. If you need a plow, please post your first name and phone number here. If you HAVE a plow or would like to advertise your business, just list your name, the type of equipment you have (snowblower, plow, payloader, manpower etc.) here as well. Or, you can e-mail the Whisper at or call us at 203-558-5817. If you want your name removed, contact us either way as well.

Hopefully this will assist you with your plowing needs!