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January 28th, 2013

Schools Early Dismissal Monday

by Christopher O'Brien

Due to the expectation of an afternoon snow storm, Wolcott’s schools will be dismissed early today, Monday January 28th.

January 21st, 2013

Cold Weather Awaits This Week

by Christopher O'Brien

Wolcott Rd. early on Sunday Jan. 13thLast week brought unusual weather to Wolcott, as fog replaced 7 inches of snow when the weather stayed upwards of 50 degrees. The dense fog blocked out the sun for two days and kept drivers slow on the weekend of January 12-13th.

This coming week will be much more seasonal as the coldest week of the year. Nighttime temperatures will plunge into the single digits and twenties with sunshine during the day. Flurries and light snow is possible Monday evening. A heavier storm may be possible on Friday with modest accumulations of around six inches. Yet, its still early to really carve that prediction in ice quite yet.

January has been fairly

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January 16th, 2013

School Cancelled

by Christopher O'Brien

Its snowing out. Its white, fluffy, frozen…. you know.. a good day to stay inside for a couple of hours. Then when you wake up, go sledding.

You’ll get tired out by about 11 am. And think… are you sure you got that math problem right? Do your homework. And that big essay that’s due in two weeks.

C’mon you know you want to. Oh, alright-  after 1 pm is fine.

This was posted on Wednesday January 16th…. if you’re reading on any other day…. you’re probably late.

December 31st, 2012

Snow and Wind Announce Winter

by Christopher O'Brien

By Chris O’Brien

8-9" of snow kept drivers off the roads after 5 pm Saturday

8-9″ of snow kept drivers off the roads after 5 pm Saturday | Photo: Chris O’Brien

This first significant snowstorm in more than a year left almost nine inches of snow in most of Wolcott Saturday night. While most residents wrapped up their Christmas vacations enjoyed the storm’s beauty, it was a reminder of what a real winter can be like as strong winds whipped flags and plummeted temperatures Sunday night. This snowfalls light talcum powder- like flakes were a welcome relief a storm earlier this week that dropped four inches of snow, ice and heavy rain causing strained backs and broken shovels.

Many of Wolcott’s hilly streets were impassable Saturday night, yet drivers headed in aroudn 5 pm. Wolcott Police Capt. Domenic Angillilo said that there were few problems to report. “One motorist was stuck on Beach Rd, but that was it.” Lakewood Autobody responded for the job overnight Saturday..

Wind blows snow across Charles St. Sunday afternoon | Chris O'Brien

Wind blows snow across Charles St. Sunday afternoon | Photo: Chris O’Brien

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January 17th, 2012

First Snow Delays School

by Christopher O'Brien

Wolcott Schools will be opening on a 90 minute delay this morning.

Almost two inches of flight and fluffy snow fell overnight across most of town. In some spots, there could be slightly icey conditions as the storm brought a mixture of wintry weather conditions dependent upon the elevation. In the town center along Wolcott Rd., all roads are plowed to a slushy base pavement. Rt. 69 at the base of the mountain into Waterbury is plowed curb to curb.

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October 29th, 2011

Governor: Expect to Be Without Power

by LonSeidman

Governor Malloy addressed the state at 6:30 tonight giving cautions reminescent of Hurricane Irene as over 300,000 residents are already without power. “We are experiencing outages beyond what we experienced during Hurricane Gloria,” he told reporters.

As of the news conference, one person has died on Rt. 85 in Colchester and a State Trooper was injured in an accident. His injuries are not life threatening.

The starkest news

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October 29th, 2011

Storm Closes I-84; Knocks Down Trees; Tests Town and State

by LonSeidman

An early season snow storm is testing Wolcott and the rest of the state today and into the overnight hours. The storm was expected to arrive late this afternoon, however caught motorists in many cases in their tracks with golf sized snowflakes falling around noon.

Two factors are contributing to the unusually large number of problems in today’s storm. First, the leaves have yet to fall off the trees yet, thereby collecting wet snow and weighing down limbs. “The wet ground, with heavy wet snow on the trees is causing a hazard. Stay off the road, because we don’t want anyone caught under a tree,” cautions Mayor Dunn.

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January 27th, 2011

Storm Produces “Bumpiest Ride Ever”

by LonSeidman

At 6 am this morning, contractors started getting out to work. Wolcott is home to an army of plow contractors that often start working around 4 am clearing business lots. As home to many emergency and healthcare workers, and with its short commute to Connecticut’s major cities, Wolcott works early, even in snowstorms. At the same time, caution also needs to be urged with our hilly town. About 10

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