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August 21st, 2013

Christmas Tree Falls to Age

by Christopher O'Brien

By Roger Picard

Roger Picard

Roger Picard

    At 10 am Wednesday morning, the Christmas Tree on the Wolcott Town Green fell to the hands of the chain saw.
    The 70 year old blue spruce served the town well over the years. As our town Christmas tree it provided shade to many wedding ceremonie and stood at attention during the many Veterans day ceremonies. Through the years, it brought smiles to the faces of young and old with it’s Christmas lights and withstood many winter storms and hurricanes.
    Unfortunately, the most recent winter storms took their toll on our old tree and disfigured it beyond repair. A new tree is planned to replace it in the coming weeks. Public Works Arborist Mark Bove came up with fine idea that will allow our old tree to live on. A local lumber miller will transform the remaining 22 foot trunk into a bench that will be placed upon the green in the near future. The bench will be marked to inform it’s users what they are sitting on and how this magnificent tree will continue to serve the citizens of Wolcott.