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November 26th, 2013

Town Officials Installed

by Christopher O'Brien


Over 100 people were on hand while three local officials were sworn in on Veteran's Day

Over 100 people were on hand while three local officials were sworn in on Veteran’s Day


Kate Anderson hugs Mayor Dunn after beginning his 6th term

By Chris O’Brien

On a cold Tuesday, the Town’s newly elected leaders were sworn in to their new offices before about 100 townspeople and supporters.

Besides Mayor Thomas G. Dunn who was re-elected for a sixth term, Darlene Tynan was sworn in by former Mayor Edward Wilensky.

Anthony Marino, the first new Town Treasurer in 18 years was also sworn in.

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November 6th, 2013

Tynan Captures Tax Collector; Dunn Cruises in Sweeping Victory

by Christopher O'Brien
Mayor Thomas G. Dunn hugs a supporter

Mayor Thomas G. Dunn hugs a supporter after winning re-election Tuesday night.

By Chris O’Brien

Despite a last minute appeal for change by Democratic nominee Michael Gugliotti, voters overwhelmingly returned Thomas G. Dunn to the Mayor’s office with 78% of the vote. Gugliotti received about 16% of the vote and Petitioning Candidate Steven Olmstead received 6% in his second bid for Mayor.

Hayley Conroy leans in to help her mother Cheryl vote at Tyrrell School

Hayley Conroy leans in to help her mother Cheryl vote at Tyrrell School

However, all eyes were on the Tax Collector’s race where where current Municipal Agent Darlene Tynan defeated Cheryl McQueen Brundage by about 350 votes. All vote tallies did not include absentee ballots. The final count will be available Wednesday morning.

There was standing room only at the VFW as family, friends, and well-wishers packed the hall.

“They sent out the report cards. Before I got all F’s,” giving reference to a piece of campaign literature received by many voters. “But tonight I received all V’s (for victory)!” said a beaming Tynan of her win.

(Correction: We originally reported the wrong candidate had won a seat to the Town Council from District 3. Joe DelBouno won that seat. We regret the error but thank a reader for the correction.)

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November 5th, 2013

Endorsements: Council, Tax Collector, Treasurer, Town Clerk

by Christopher O'Brien

vote boxTown Council: The Town Council has done an excellent job at keeping our mill rate stable for the past 3 of 4 years. There have been few conflicts and in fact, most of the heated debate in today’s Mayoral race stem from decisions made by a Democratic Council a few years ago. The six Republicans all bring different skills to the table. First District Councilman Jeffrey Slavin is personable and asks honest questions. Rachel Wisler and Gale Mastrofranscesco equally ask probing questions and add plainspoken voices when they think money could be better spent. Roger Picard and Don Charette bring managerial experience to the table and current chairman David Valletta has allowed open dissent and discussion.

In addition, newcomer and local businessman Patrick Lerz has thrown his hat into the ring for 2nd District. You can only vote for two people fom that district, but three will get in. He has raised a family and business in town and would be a welcome addition.

Tax Collector: We endorse

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October 30th, 2013

Town Treasurer- Three Quality Candidates in Open Race

by Christopher O'Brien

clipArt_moneySymbolRoger Levesque will be retiring as Town Treasurer this year. As we result, three respected men have thrown their hats into the ring for the position. In our view, each one is qualified in their own right. For a change, its nice to have such a tough decision between candidates that are well known and have good qualifications. It will be up to voters to decide who has the best ideas or qualifications for the office.

Profiles appear as they are listed on the ballot: Anthony Marino (R), David Gentile (D) and George Phelan (PC).

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October 8th, 2013

Election Choices: What Does That Person Do?

by Christopher O'Brien

vote clipartLocal politics are often the most personal engagement with our democratic form of government any of us will ever encounter. A President, for instance, campaigns for office only through our television sets and airways and most of us will never meet a Presidential candidate. However, we might bump into our local leaders on a regular basis in  IGA, Dunkin Donuts, church or a school function on any day of the week. We know their faces, but are you aware of the decisions they make that impact your life every day?

In many respects, your local elected leaders have a larger impact than the President or Congress. When politicians run for higher office, they often get their start on the local level as well. You can’t run a country with trillions of dollar budgets without first understanding million dollar budgets impacting a few thousand residents.

When you go into the voting booth on November 5th, will you know what you are selecting a candidate to actually do? Or will you choose them simply by name or facial recognition? Are they the best candidate for the job, and if so, what qualities matches that job applicant for that particular office?

This article is intended to help voters understand how Wolcott’s government works, and who does what.

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November 6th, 2011

Town Treasurer Challenged In Election

by LonSeidman

Local government has three ‘legacy’ positions that are sometimes held for many years by the same person. Wolcott has had such legacies with former Town Clerk Elaine King and current Tax Collector Lorraine McQueen. The Treasurer’s position turns over once in awhile, but for sixteen years current Town
Treasurer Roger Levesque has been unopposed. “Why won’t someone run against me?” he sometimes laments.

This year he has his challenge.

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