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November 7th, 2016

US Senate Race

by Christopher O'Brien

This year’s State Senate race should have been very interesting, however most media outlets neglected to cover it.

For our part, we apologize.

What does a US Senator do?

According to the Constitution, each state has two US Senators. Besides being tasked as a jury in the event a federal official is impeached, the US Senate focuses greatly on foreign policy. Each US Senator serves for 6 years with only 1/3 of the body being replaced in each election.

This year, Dick Blumenthal is completing his first term. His Republican challenger is a three term State Representative and former Air Force pilot Dan Carer from Bethel. Libtertarian candidate Richard Lion and Green Party candidate Jeffrey Russell are also running.

There has only been one debate in the race, taken at WFSB 3 a few weeks ago. Readers may want to watch this interesting exchange of issues.

Dan Carter has been relentless in attacking Dick Blumenthal through weekly press releases for months, however state media has only begun covering this race last week. This is very unfortunate because in our view, Blumenthal has avoided important questions on foreign policy, and when he does take a stand, it is of little substance but firmly behind Hillary Clinton.

As such we endorse Dan Carter for the seat – he brings a variety of experience and knowledge that can better serve Connecticut residence than the current officeholder. Blumenthal has balked at commenting on the role of Putin, Kim Jong Il and whether or not the United States should take a stronger role in Syria.

January 9th, 2013

Blumenthal: Background Checks for Bullets

by Christopher O'Brien

By Christine Stuart | CT News JunkiePhoto: Hugh McQuaid

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal told reporters Tuesday that he plans to introduce legislation toughening requirements for purchasing ammunition.

The bill, which comes in the wake of the Newtown school shooting that claimed 26 lives, would require retailers to use an FBI database to conduct background checks on anyone who buys bullets. It would also require retailers to report to law enforcement when someone purchases more than 1,000 rounds of ammunition and it would extend an existing ban on bullets capable of piercing body armor.

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August 15th, 2012

Esty Finds Support in Wolcott; Greenberg Wins Town but Loses District

by Christopher O'Brien

Wolcott residents voted in a crucial primary Tuesday that offered vastly different visions for US Congress. The conservative Republican town favored onservative Mark Greenberg on the Republican side and while newcomer Dan Roberti did well in the 2nd district at Wolcott High School, most Democratic voters favored Elizabeth Esty in the battle for the open 5th District. Wolcott was just one of 41 towns in the vast district that stretches from Meriden and Simsbury to Danbury and Salisbury.

In the US Senate race, Republican McMahon demolished Chris Shays with 91%.

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January 27th, 2010

Wolcott Helps in Mass Senate Win

by LonSeidman

The course of the country was changed last Tuesday when Republican State Senator Scott Brown upset Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley by a five point margin in a special election for US Senate. The race has national implications for Democratic proposals for healthcare reform. Senator-elect Brown announced that Democrats would need to begin working with “Democrats and Republicans to reform healthcare in an open and honest way – no more closed door meetings, and backroom deals with an out of touch party leadership, no more hiding costs, concealing taxes, collaborating with special interest and leaving trillions more for our children to pay. We need to start fresh in order to the job right. We can do better! ”

The campaign in the Bay State went into high gear around Christmas when Coakley went on an extended vacation. “He just kept campaigning right through it -that was the game changer,” noted a Brown staffer. Senator Kennedy held his seat for 42 years and the state is considered very Democratic where Republicans only number about 13%. Voters without affiliation account for 50% of the electorate. Despite Coakley’s popularity in Massachusetts, many observers note that she lost the election.

Nick Taylor, a volunteer driver for Brown noted how he got started in the race. “I left the Navy and

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