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January 6th, 2013

What if We Put The “Militia” Back in the 2nd Amendment?

by Christopher O'Brien

By Amanda Bloom

Musket (1)The mass shooting that took place in Sandy Hook, Connecticut earlier this month, one of the worst in United States history and the seventh that took place in 2012, has brought gun control to the forefront of American consciousness.

President Obama has promised new gun control policies by early 2013; in the mean time, gun sales have spiked across the country, where 300 million guns, both legal and not, are estimated to be owned.

America is the most heavily armed country in the world, and the Supreme Court has upheld the individual right to bear arms numerous times.  Guns aren’t going away, but we can mitigate gun violence.  What we need are better gun owners.

What if we changed the way we see gun owners in America, specifically those who are licensed to carry?  What if we upped their responsibilities?  What if they were trained on par with police officers, or even soldiers?  What if we felt safer knowing that some of our fellow citizens were not only armed, but looking out for us, ready to protect us, our children, our families and friends?

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December 19th, 2012

Wolcott Starts Newtown Relief Fund

by Christopher O'Brien

The Town of Wolcott has established a fund for the Town of Newtown after the school shooting on Friday. Miss Wolcott and Wolcott’s Miss Outstanding Teen have already collected over $400 for this fund and other town residents are welcomed to contribute. Donations can be made at Town Hall or mailed to:

Sandy Hook Relief Fund

attn: Finance Department

Wolcott Town Hall

10 Kenea Dr.

Wolcott CT 06716