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January 2nd, 2017

Your Property Taxes and You – Part 2

by Christopher O'Brien

Part 2 of a 3-part series.

By Roy Balkus

First, I need to correct an error in the first part of the series. To get the approximate fair market value of your home you need to divide the assessed value by .70! Not multiply it. My Editor, an English Major no doubt, got overly zealous in making corrections, ignoring the math guy. Sorry for that.

Editor’s Note: Yeah… I reversed the numbers while editing the first draft. Thanks to modern online editing, you’ll never see my error – it was corrected. But I defer to the math guy from now on! *Bows*

This series of articles was prompted by a lot of comments on Wolcott Chats, a Facebook group. Those comments paraphrased were “my assessment went down, I am going to save money on taxes”. If you are on Facebook and not a member of Wolcott Chats, I urge you to join it.

So, the grand list for any Connecticut city or town is made up of all the taxable property which consists of three components. The first component is real property which includes single family residences, multifamily residences, condos, and commercial/industrial property. The second component is personal property, motor vehicles, trailers, campers etc. and the final component is business equipment. Business equipment is a “complete and accurate description of all personal property used in the conduct of your business”. The link below will give a far better list of what business equipment is taxed.

An increasing grand list is a good thing, a declining grand list is a bad thing. Yes, probably, but not always. Town spending is the real issue, if spending increases by a larger percentage than the grand list does then taxes will generally go up (there are also other sources of income).

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September 19th, 2015

Free ‘Clean Day of Fun’ at Frisbie Today

by Christopher O'Brien

The 5th Annual One Clean Day of Fun will be held on the Fairgrounds behind Frisbie School today from noon- 10 pm. The event is sponsored by Crossroads, and is free for everyone to attend. Music, performances, food and games for children will be on hand. At 1:00 pm, children entertainer Tom T-bone Stankus will perform.

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November 28th, 2013

Tree Lighting Sunday

by Christopher O'Brien

ChristmasTreeThe town’s new 30 foot tall Norway Spruce will be lit for the Chrsitmas season on Sunday evening at 6 pm on the Green. All residents are invited to attend. There will be singing. After the lighting, townsolk are invited for coffee and hot chocolate at the Congregational Church.

Santa Clause will also be on hand to hear Christmas requests.

November 7th, 2013

Pawtoberfest 2013 to benefit Town Pound

by Christopher O'Brien
Sponsors are encouraging attendees to share this poster

Sponsors are encouraging attendees to share this poster

A second annual PAWTOBERFEST to benefit the Wolcott Dog Pound’s medical fund will be held all day and evening Saturday. Last year organizers raised almost $9,000 which benefits the no-kill shelter. Several other animal rescue groups will also benefit.

The event to be held at Johnny B’s Bar and Grill on Meriden Rd. will include live music, beer, prizes for only $10 will start at 1 pm and continue until the bar closes after midnight.

Attendees are welcome to bring

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November 6th, 2013

2013 Election Results

by Christopher O'Brien
Wolcott High was jammed with voters at 6 pm Tuesday

Wolcott High was jammed with voters at 6 pm Tuesday

About 48.5% of registered voters showed up to the polls Tuesday according to data released by the Town Clerk on Wednesday. That’s about four points higher than the average for the past four municipal elections. An aggressive campaign by Democratic candidate Michael Gugliotti against five term uncumbent Tom Dunn likely fueled added interest in the race this year. In contrast, only 35% of voters showed up to vote in 2005 when Dunn ran unopposed but other local seats were up for grabs.

2013 Town Election Results

For the first time in several years, no candidate came close enough to force a recount.

Out of the 5,429 voters who turned out for the election, five candidates recieved over 3,000 votes: Mayor Dunn, Third District Councilor Roger Picard, Board of Education member Roberta Leonard, Constable Paul Gallucci, and Town Clerk Debbie Slater, who was uncontested. Dunn received 4,155 votes.

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November 2nd, 2013

“Like” The Whisper, Advertising Available

by Christopher O'Brien

We’ve introduced two new changes to the Wolcott Whisper. First, please “Like” us on Facebook! This helps you keep up to date on news around Wolcott. The “Like” button is on the sidebar on your right.

In addition, you can receive e-mail updates with our newest articles by subscribing to the Whisper. Many residents find us helpful during snowstorms and other local emergencies. The “Subscribe” button is at the top right of the main page.

Finally, we have introduced advertising rates for the Whisper. Support local news and information! Contact us anytime with questions or interest. or call (203) 558-5817 and ask for Chris.


October 8th, 2013

Election Choices: What Does That Person Do?

by Christopher O'Brien

vote clipartLocal politics are often the most personal engagement with our democratic form of government any of us will ever encounter. A President, for instance, campaigns for office only through our television sets and airways and most of us will never meet a Presidential candidate. However, we might bump into our local leaders on a regular basis in  IGA, Dunkin Donuts, church or a school function on any day of the week. We know their faces, but are you aware of the decisions they make that impact your life every day?

In many respects, your local elected leaders have a larger impact than the President or Congress. When politicians run for higher office, they often get their start on the local level as well. You can’t run a country with trillions of dollar budgets without first understanding million dollar budgets impacting a few thousand residents.

When you go into the voting booth on November 5th, will you know what you are selecting a candidate to actually do? Or will you choose them simply by name or facial recognition? Are they the best candidate for the job, and if so, what qualities matches that job applicant for that particular office?

This article is intended to help voters understand how Wolcott’s government works, and who does what.

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July 26th, 2013

Man Arrested for Postal Scare

by Christopher O'Brien

WolcottPoliceCarWolcott Police have made an arrest in connection with a bomb scare that shut down the center of town Thursday afternoon. Michael Spillane of Oakville has been charged with 1st degree Breach of Peace Friday morning after a briefcase left under a counter at the Post Office caused alarm. He was being held on a $7,500 bond, says Police spokesman Capt. Domenic Angilillo. Local police responded to the post office shortly after 4:00 pm Thursday to investigate the suspicious package while volunteer firefighters cordoned off the center of town and evacuated residences and businesses in the area. An ambulance remained in the area as a precaution as State Police bomb technicians and a specialized dog inspected and then opened the package.

Fire Traffic

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July 25th, 2013

Rt. 69 Reopens After Threat

by Christopher O'Brien
Firefighters Evacuate a Resident

Firefighters Evacuate a Resident

Traffic on Rt. 69 left drivers reeling around the center of town Thursday afternoon after a threat involving a possible bomb at the post office was called in.

At about 4:15, police and firefighters converged to set up a perimeter around the mail facility, closing down Rt. 69, Center St. and Beach Roads. Several homes and Wells Fargo Bank were also evacuated as a precaution.

“I saw everything blocked off and then the firefighters came and told me that I had to evacuate,” said Robert Lanzara, a Beach Road resident leading his young daughter and carrying a son up the hill. Firefighters were going door to door informing neighbors to move back. Emergency personnel gave directions to motorists looking for ways around the center of town on their way to Plymouth and Bristol.As of 5:50, all streets were re-opened and business in the area resumed as usual.

An update will be posted as additional information is made available.

January 28th, 2013

Schools Early Dismissal Monday

by Christopher O'Brien

Due to the expectation of an afternoon snow storm, Wolcott’s schools will be dismissed early today, Monday January 28th.